SmartRMT New Release version 1.1:

RoamSmart announces the release of SmartRMT 1.1, the new commercial release of its innovative service that is helping operators better manage the roaming business. Smart Roaming Management Tool is an automated online web application which helps building a centralized and comprehensive database and enables quick access to latest versions of all roaming process related files and content. This application database includes all documents exchanged during roaming agreement implementation like AA.12, AA.13, AA.14, IR.21 and CLL. It also maintains information related to the testing phases and is compliant with standard IREG and TADIG processes as well as the RAEX standard for AA.14 and IR.21. Designed by Roaming Managers and telecommunication Experts, the application offers a comprehensive way of automating tasks, reporting on margins and will help you increase the frequency of roaming agreement opening (GSM, 3G, LTE) and thus improve your roaming revenues.

Main Features :

Dashboard Manager:  Provides a global overview of available roaming contracts and openings status. The information can be viewed on map or tabular format.

Document Manager : This Document module is an intelligent interface to upload all roaming related contracts/agreements. This centralized database enables the upload and easy access to any document and handles the versioning of different updates.

Rollout Manager : The Rollout module is a graphical interface for the planning and follow up on the progress of new roaming openings. It enables the tracking of new roaming implementations and will be accessed and used by all involved teams (coordination, IREG, TADIG etc..).

Reporting Manager : The Reporting module provides a flexible engine to generate personalized reports related to the RAEX documents (AA.14 and IR.21).

Margin Manager : The Margin module provides visibility on the margin per roaming partner. This valuable information can help the roaming manager to identify priority list for further discount agreements.

SIM Card Manager : The SIM card module helps managing and tracking the SIM Cards and the recharge cards which are exchanged with roaming partners for the sake of testing activities.

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