Smart BI Wholesale

Smart BI - 21747893_mlOperators are currently working with a number of different systems, with little or no linkage, to solve their need for reports, forecasting and business analysis. This requires a huge amount of manual work merging and updating data as well as maintaining a big number of internal reporting systems (often build in Excel).

This approach not only involves a huge number of elements potentially causing errors but it also means that only a very limited number of employees have sufficient knowledge about the system to handle business critical tasks. This includes monthly accruals reports, optimizing discount roaming agreements and traffic steering as well as negotiating and improving new agreements.

Smart Business Intelligence Wholesale is the right solution to:

  • Centralize the source of information on roaming data.
  • Reduce the risk of human error
  • Revenue Assurance: Cross  check with the data of your DCH
  • easily and rapidly create different Budget scenarios, simulate discount agreements and traffic steering
  • Tracking simulation vs. realized data.


  • A library of discount deal models and is updated in line with market demands and changes (Flat rate, Send or Pay, Balanced/Unbalanced, Baseline, IMSI capping etc..)
  • The actual roaming traffic and revenues are linked to the actual roaming traffic from the TAP files
  • Enhanced Forecasting – Create automated forecasts based on historical roaming traffic.
  • Control & predict your roaming traffic in units and currency.
  • Configure your IOT Pricing Matrix (IOT, Call Destination and Tariffs)
  • Create / simulate deals based on your scope (Single PMN / group of roaming partners …)
  • Threshold based Tracking and Alarming – Get notified once the traffic or revenues are not aligned with the expected outcome of the deal, based on your own thresholds
  • Get the revenue information based on discount percentage – Key figure for finance
  • Create and Track scenarios on a per user and version defined basis
  • Interactive and flexible reporting interface (chart or table format)
  • RAEX module for comparison between IOT documents of different operators
  • Impact of discount implementation on TAP
  • Subscriber Profiling for extraction of list of IMSI with a specific profile (silent roamers, low usage roamers, data roamers etc..)


In order to provide a tool that enables true business performance management, it is imperative that all data use for these purposes must come from one single source:

  • TAP files as a single source
  • Supported TAP versions: TAP3.10/TAP3.11/TAP3.12
  • Based on TD57
  • Currency conversion based on BARG rules