Smart Discount Implementation Manager

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With the aim to optimize their roaming revenues and margins, operators are currently signing more and more discount agreements and contracts. This process requires a significant amount of resources and manual work in order to negotiate, draft and implement the deals. Human errors or missing some steps can lead to conflicts and issues with roaming partners causing revenue loss.

There is a need for the roaming team to have an automated and easy to use platform which tackle all these tasks and give full control on the contract creation and implementation cycle. 

Smart Discount Implementation Manager is the right solution to:

  • Create and modify the discount contract
  • Follow-up and reporting on the contract set-up progress
  • Alarming on important milestones and actions
  • Save and access all contracts and drafts¬†


  • Creation and configuration of discount project.
  • Creation of the discount contract according to standard or customized template.
  • Dashboard for follow-up on Discount coverage and status.
  • Reporting on the content and parameters of the available discounts.
  • Repository for all discount documents (draft version, final version, signed version)
  • Alarming on configured milestones (start date, termination date etc..)


Smart Discount Implementation Manager uses the discount agreement template which was defined by the AGREE group within GSMA (Document reference: PRD AA.102 and PRD AA.103).