Smart Roaming Management Tool

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While expanding the roaming agreement coverage and handling negotiations and new partnerships, operators need to manage and maintain a huge amount of documents. These documents are subject to frequent modifications based on network evolution and agreement updates. Most roaming coordinators are keeping track of these documents in excel and PDF files in a manual way which becomes inefficient and increases the risk of human errors.


Furthermore, the growth of the competition factor drives the need for tools which enable smooth and rapid transition from negotiation to launch and therefore enabling a fast expansion of the roaming footprint.


RoamSmart’s Smart Roaming Management Tool is an automated online web application which helps building a centralized and comprehensive database and enables quick access to latest versions of all roaming process related files and content. This application database includes the documents exchanged at initial roaming agreement implementation like AA.12, AA.13 and AA.14. It also maintains information related to the testing phases and is compliant with the GSMA RAEX initiative standard.

Designed by Roaming Managers and telecommunication Experts, the application includes a comprehensive way of automating tasks, reporting on tariffs and contacts and adaptable to every client and roaming partner need.

To manage this complicated process in the best way, Smart Roaming Management Tool offer following main features :

  • RAEX Import and Validation : Upload of RAEX documents and validation according to GSMA standard. The solution is compliant to the latest RAEX standard (split of AA.14 into OpData and IOT document).
  • RAEX Document parsing : The tool automatically reads the content of the RAEX documents, extracts to data and parameters for future use.
  • RAEX Document Reporting : A flexible and user friendly reporting interface on any KPI of the RAEX documents (IR.21, AA.14, OpData, IOT).
  • Rollout creation, follow-up, reporting and alarming.
  • Dashboard for easy follow-up on rollout progress and status.
  • Document management : upload and access through search machines.
  • SIM Card Management : data entry, filtering and reporting on test SIM cards and recharge action.
  • Margin follow-up and alarming.
  • Document creation : automatic and easy creation of AA.12, AA.13, TCC and CLL contracts.

RoamSmart’s Smart Roaming Management Tool was built on a modular and user-friendly interface which offers full flexibility to customer requirements and can adapt to any additional specific need.